What are PMS?

PMS stands for Property Management Services. If you own a property in India, you must have encountered a problem with property management. Property management services entertain the balanced operation, control, maintenance, and the overall well-being of the property. Often, this becomes cumbersome for NRIs and HNIs due to obvious reasons.

Do I Need a Property Management Company?

But one can introspect why they would need a PMS or Do they really need to hire dedicated PMS providers for their property?

Here is a list of factors that can help you decide over opting for PMS for your property-

  • You live far away from the property you own and therefore unable to look for its proper care and management.
  • You do not have enough time to check on your property.
  • You own multiple properties.
  •  Tenant management is tedious for you. 

If your answer for any of the above factors is yes, It’s time you hire professionals for complete management of your property. Fortunately, you are at the right place; SRE India is here to hold your hand.

Why SRE?

SRE India is one of the most reputed property management companies in Gurgaon. We have an experienced team on board to facilitate entire property management for NRIs and HNIs. We have been in this field for years and our continuous efforts and loyal clientele has made us victorious. We have always aspired to make our client’s property management services superior and hassle-free. 

In Gurugram, SRE India has a robust foot for NRI and HNI clients and provides secure property management services to aid in the seamless operation of property maintenance and supervision. Throughout our years of reputed service, we satisfied numerous NRI and HNI clients and aspire to continue doing the same in Gurgaon be it tenants management, legal implications, household services, and whatnot!

Let’s get familiar with SRE India’s property management services

Financial Management

We have special finance agents with us who can make your payment feasible. We can assist in invoices, bill payments, property tax payments without the nuisance and can prove to be a one-stop solution for our clients. We work on tax deduction theories, accounting services, billing issues, annual reporting, bonafide agreements, and everything all. We provide the best investment property management services. We make sure we get it all covered whilst bothering you less.

Rental management.

We have an optimum skill set and a complete management team for handling rental property and billing scenarios. We make sure our clients get their property matters right. We earn you the highest rental deals up to market standards. We generate legal documents at the best rate and speed to manifest the renting of property and leave no legal methods to tackle for the client. When it comes to rental agreements for our clients, we surely have your handheld. We keep a bird view eye on timely rent collection and ensure clean bill records. We have successfully established us as the best providers of property services in India.

Documentation Management

Our team is an association of everything important and essential. We have legal advisors on board to patrol the management smoothly. We check all the legal implications before with robust and valid paperwork to give you a seamless and good process.

Property improvement services

We bring in improvisation of your property by confabulating with superior interior designers. With a stable in-house interior designing firm, we make sure your property looks stylish and comfortable. We muster customized furniture, aesthetics, modular kitchen facility from our furniture factory to add jubilant vibes to your property and guarantee its proper management. We look over for painting, renovating, termite treatment, and other essential temporal repairments for the property. When we said, we got you covered, We mean it!


Our property management services make us stand unique. We channelize rental, tenancy, and other legal operations on your behalf with complete transparency without you being present physically on site. SRE India is here to rescue. Property management has never been easy for NRIs. To get a safe spot, thereby, one needs to have experienced, legal, and loyal property management service providers to enlighten with the process and to get firm sustainability for property holdings. SRE India is exactly what you need.

Regular property-health check-ups

To keep everything anchored, we keep a watchful eye for structural damages, termite treatments, plumbing ambiguities, and other things temporally and implement corrective measures pre-hand. We function with a complete structural health record of property to further strengthen its ambiance.

Tenant Management

With such a promising tenure of serving NRIs and HNIs clients, we got tenant scenarios forged. We keep a complete record of the tenant's details. Our trained team carries out superlative background checks and continues to discern the rental agreements, rent collections, and renewal issues balanced. Our 360degrees property management services for NRIs and HNIs clients establish scrupulous property stability whilst covering all aspects optimally. SRE India must be your pragmatic solution for managing property and overlooking its all aspects.

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