Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure sector being a backbone of economy enjoys extreme attention from the Government. The government in India has given a push and is working in cohesion with the private sector to propel even more growth in this sector. SRE India is working with the governments and the private players across sectors, to offer the following services:

1. Policy and Regulatory Advisory

Our framework acts as a threshold between the public interest and private sector. It is central to creating fresh and sound public-private partnerships in the world of infrastructure.

2.PPP Frameworks and Project Advisory

Infrastructural progress through PPP framework has always been a major core zone of SRE India. As we see an incessant transparency of PPPs in India, SRE has enforced its immeasurable PPP capabilities to assist governments of soaring economies.

3.Advice on Fund Raising and Joint Ventures

This is a step towards business expansion, development and growth of ideas, expertise and resources. We see the graph of moving into new markets going up. 

4.Sector Research and Reports

A comprehensive key to business success. Our Sector Research and Reports are powerful tools of performance measurement and in-depth analysis to keep the graph growing.