Consultancy to Investors

1. Consulting and Advisory

In its bid to deliver exceptional investment advisory services, SRE India offers updated, convincing and relevant information. Our investment advisory services include real estate portfolio management & financial counseling and other transaction services.
With our industry renowned advisors, we assist our individual clients and investors to make better investment decisions every time. Our extensive and varied valuation experience helped us acquire comprehensive understanding on asset valuation, capital markets and ultra-dynamic market factors. Our multi-dimensional team offers the full spectrum of investment advisory, covering large and diverse portfolios to executing single property analysis as well.

 2. Asset Management

At SRE, we optimize your portfolio and strategically position your assets in the diverse markets to get maximum revenue consistently. Our team will structure your lease and agreements in such a way that these will earn market attraction, become flexible and reduce liabilities exposure.

3.Investment Management

Our investment management team offers a range of real estate investments available in the market to institutions and individuals. Our managers, backed by a research team, would help you identify highest return giving products, right sectors to invest, right time to buy and liquidate your assets, investment diversification and portfolio management.


Correct valuation is the key for real estate transactions. SRE provides professionally created market value reports of your real estate assets. Our analyst would take all the key factors while estimating the value of your property ranging from surveys, comparable transactions in the area, market future projections and qualitative assessments.

5.Leasing Services

Our specialized leasing managers ensure your property will be leased faster. The high-quality property displays help you secure your next tenant in addition to formulating the lease agreements, obtaining documentations and closing the transaction.

SRE delivers detailed tenant screening and background checks of your tenant’s credit history, expulsions, rent disbursement history, criminal registers (if any) etc.

We secure good tenants as a result of our rigorous screening method. Apart from this, we design custom leases and implement them according to the requirements.

 6.Sales Management

Steadily meeting or surpassing revenue objectives while overcoming market and competitive stresses requires clear direction and an effective sales force. SRE has been able to achieve sales success for its clients through a precise sales plan, definite sales objectives and by deputing a competent sales team.