Consultancy To Real Estate Developers

Consultancy to the Developers is one of the foremost realty domains SRE India operates in. With its core team of experts and market researchers, SRE acts as chief consultants to many major real estate developers across the country. We Help Builders in Project Sales Consultancy, Developers Brand Positioning, Project Marketing ,Developers and Builders Profile Development,
Our well versed consulting team comprises of industry veterans who possess competence to offer well-organized and cost effective marketing gears. The in-house team of market researchers provides us with the insight on what it takes to sell property swiftly.

1.Real Estate Strategic Consultancy

Acting as primary consultants to the developers, corporate, institutional investors and lenders, SRE India aims at assisting its clients in risk management, reducing investments and increasing commercial returns on their realty endeavors. Be it formulating plans, budget rendering, contingency planning, liaising with authorities, legal consultancy to drafting documents, we offer end-to-end consultancy including advisory on developing real estate projects and raising capital for these developments.

2. Planning Strategy for Sales and Marketing

SRE India’s Sales & Marketing team of professionals is not just focused on acquiring, growing and retaining customers, but building market leadership through consistent innovation and smart strategies. Our sales & marketing approach is not based on recommendations alone, but on comprehensive understanding of propositions across the business ecology and customer lifecycle to encourage stronger customer-brand relationship.

3.  Strategy for New Product/Project Launching

The utterly complex and dynamic nature of the Indian realty industry demands fresh concepts of project launching through pertinent project consultancy. SRE’s national experience coupled with local understanding and expertise assist in creating an ever evolving approach necessitated for product differentiation. The consulting team facilitates in creating a strategy not just to successfully initiate a project, but launch in such a way that it becomes highest value yielding development of its time and area.

4. Team Training, Management and Development

Team training, management and development are vital in today’s highly competitive realty arena. A perfectly trained workforce not only propels sales, but also saves time and resources for the company. Under the able guidance of industry veterans with proven track record, for your sales team we – Create an effective curriculum Track their engagement and progress Create determining and comprehensive assessments Impart understanding through real time situations Organize interactive sessions with the industry A-listers

5. Brand building, brand management and brand consultancy

SRE also offers a wide-ranging collection of brand building services to its clients in quest of upgrading their brand management practices to develop a powerful brand. A dedicated team of specialized people offers brand building and project branding services appropriate for companies of all sizes. It will facilitate them realizing their publicity, promotions and real estate sales goals in comparatively less time.

6. Competitor Analysis

Employment of strategic techniques to evaluate competitors is as important as any other business aspect. Through effective and thorough analysis, we strive to obtain most accurate possible information on competitors to identify their strengths and limitations. Based on these studies, we formulate strategies to counter competition and transform market scenario in our client’s favour.
What does SRE India’s Consultancy means to the developers?

Full service under one roof through interconnected departments
Single point of contact
Short turn-around time
Protecting your information and data through confidentiality clause
Flexible in approach
Advisory by Industry specialists